1929 Ford Model A Tudor Restoration


Dan, my shop landlord and the gentleman helping me build my Sprite, or maybe I should say I am helping him, has a brother, Dick, with whom we share shop space. Dick's car is a 1929 Ford Model A Tudor sedan. The car was a beautifully restored show car until it became trapped in a garage fire. The car did not actually burn but was significantly damaged by the extreme heat. It has set in the shop for a few years, partially disassembled, awaiting restoration. About this time we were getting pretty close to a stopping point on the mechanical portion of building my Sprite. Dan likes to do mechanical work, not body stuff, so I suggested he convince Dick to start restoring the Model A. So I don't know, maybe Dick saw the progress we are making on the Sprite and how much fun we were having doing it. Anyway, he decided to take on the restoration. Dan and I will be helping. Dan will mostly do mechanical stuff and I will work on the body. Dick will work on whatever he wants to as well as supervise the whole project as he knows this car very well.

I originally started this record as a single page, much like my involvement in the restoration of Joe's Mercedes. It has turned into a much more thorough article than I envisioned so I am breaking it into smaller portions now, well over half way through the project. It might be more logical if I broke it by major function but, at least for now, it will be more-or-less chronological. The links below point to the various "chapters " of the restoration.