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If you have to ask why I have these cars then you probably wouldn't understand the answer

My 1948 Prefect
Body Style: 4 Door Saloon
Weight: 1650 cwt
Wheelbase: 94 in
USA Cost: $1,620 New (Leather)
Engine Type: 4 Cylinder inline Sidevalve
Displacement: 1172 cc (71 cu in)
Horsepower: 36

This is my 1948 Prefect

Click for a brief history of the Ford Prefect

Red Ball These are mostly my current and past projects
Prefect Thumb 1948 British Ford Prefect My Prefect, owned since 1963 and driven until 1980 - Now time for restoration
Sprite Thumb 1967 Austin Healey Sprite My 1967 MkIV Sprite, currently undergoing "frame up" restoration
VW Thumb 1974 VW Super Beetle Judy's 1974 Volkswagen Super Beetle - Her mostly restored daily driver
White Ball 1929 Ford Model A Restoring a fire victim but former parade car
MB Thumb 1950 Mercedes-Benz 170va Could it be Col. Klink's car?
T-Bird Thumb 1956 Ford Thunderbird Refurbishing an older frame-off restoration
Bug Thumb 1970 Volkswagen Beetle 1970 Volkswagen Beetle built for our daughter - Her first car
Chevy Thumb 1940 Chevy Convertible Good photo of a really nice Chevy (almost like my first car)
Diamond Head Hawai‘i 2007 50th Anniversary trip to Hawaii
Shop The Man Cave Garage and shop shared with a couple of friends
House Home Remodel Ongoing saga of a long-term home remodel project
White ball Games Historically Important Computer Games
Chevy Thumb Cars Database Restoration Database for Restorers, Collectors & other Enthusiasts
SailOK SailOK Software Other SailOK Software - Retired but still developing software
OCBC OCBC Database Password required to run
White Ball British/American Terms May help with translation of some of the British car related terms

Red Ball Links to other sites I found interesting on the Web
Note: These pages will open in a new browser window
White Ball Coffee And Cars Coffee and Cars comes to Oklahoma City = First Saturday every month
Concours Thumb 2005 OKC Concours Oklahoma Governor's Mansion - Best car show in the Heartland
Concours Thumb 2006 OKC Concours Oklahoma Governor's Mansion again - Bigger and better than last year
Concours Thumb 2007 OKC Concours Oklahoma Governor's Mansion again - Where were the Classics?
White Ball British Car Forum A forum dealing with all things British car related
White Ball Enfo Stuff Page A page and forum devoted to European Fords
White Ball Scions of Lucas Page A page dealing with most anything about British cars
White Ball PDLJMPR Sprite Magazine Web magazine about the Austin Healey Sprite
White Ball Ford 8 & 10 Sidevalve Club An active Ford sidevalve club in South Australia
White Ball Ford Sidevalve Owners Club An active Ford sidevalve club in the UK
White Ball Moss Motors Parts supplier for the most popular British cars
White Ball Small Ford Spares UK specialists in classic Ford parts
White Ball Anglia Obsolete A source for most of the hard to find old British Ford rubber parts
White Ball Anglia Brokers A source for British Ford parts - Anglia specialists but some Prefect too
White Ball Kip Motor Company Parts for unusual British and European Antique Cars
White Ball Oklahoma City Boat Club Current racing schedule and other club information