Long Term Home Remodel Project

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Old History and Unrecorded Projects

We bought this house in 1971 and the remodel started almost immediately. It was built in 1955. It had no garage but a two-car carport instead that was almost closed on three sides. I knew all along that it would be converted to a garage as soon as I could acquire the necessary materials. It did not take long to find a used door. I just had to buy the lumber to close in the front then install the door. The carport shared its back and one side with the house and the other side was bricked up to about eye level with 4x4 posts about every 4-1/2 feet. I filled in the top part above the brick with glass and we had a two-car garage, slightly undersize at 19-1/2 feet square but much better than the old house with just a single.

Next, the kitchen had a window into the carport and the living room had a door into it. Neither the window into the new garage nor the "back door" in the living room seemed appropriate so we removed the window and moved the door from the living room to the kitchen. Then there was the hall closet that was in the living room instead. We moved that door to the other side of the closet, into the hall, making it a proper hall closet and removing another unsightly door from the living room.

The large back window in the living/dining room opened out onto a large back porch that the previous owner had closed in, making a couple of additional bedrooms. They had several children. We removed that window and closed the wall properly. And that was to be the configuration of the house for several years. That is, until we got tired of the rather plain carpet in the living room and installed a natural slate floor instead. That turned out to be a much bigger job than I imagined but the end result is well worth the effort.