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The 2005 Concours

Sunday September 18, 2005: the third annual Concours d'Elegance on the grounds of the Governor's Mansion in Oklahoma City. Some referred to it, unofficially of course, as "Pebble Beach in the Heartland." Well, maybe not quite but give it a few years and who knows? Anyway, it certainly was one of the finest car shows in this part of the country.

There were over 140 cars registered and all but a very few were present. The Judging Classes were:

Additionally, there was a class for pre-1950 motorcycles as well as commercial vehicles. So, there was something of interest for almost anyone.

The "back lot" of the Governor's Mansion is an ideal location for a consours. It is about a city block wide and three long, nearly all grass with a small paved pavillion and a few paved walkways. The fenced grounds are surrounded by trees and are meticulously kept. Of course, the security is exemplary. It could easily handle an additional hundred cars without crowding.

I have not heard how many spectators were there but there were many. You'll get an idea, in the pictures of the Classic & Brass row below, just how big the crowd was. But, enough of the talk. The purpose here is to show some of the pictures I took. This is only a sampling of what was there but there is only so much time to build a page. Sorry if I didn't show what you were interested in but I took pictures mostly of what interested me. These are the groups I photographed. Each group has a separate page. Click any link to open the corresponding page.

Note: You can click on any of the small photos to view a larger version.