Cars Database for the Enthusiast & Collector


The Cars database application is geared to the automotive enthusiast or collector who is restoring one or more cars. It tracks the progress of various projects that you assign. You can optionally track related costs or just omit if you "really don't want to know." It also maintains photo albums and detailed lists of other resources and items of interest, such as books, web pages, forums, clubs and others.

The software is 100% Java and should run on any computer capable of running Java 1.6 or later. The Java runtime is free of charge and can be downloaded from the internet here if not already installed on your computer. Installation is quite simple. The database, programs and Java are all available also free of charge or royalties. There is never anything else to purchase. The database runs imbedded within the application program so there is no need to install or invoke a separate server process. Everything runs under a single Java Virtual Machine. There is a simple installation wizard to install on Windows as well as a Zip file for installation on other platforms. It has been tested only on Windows XP but there should be no problems on other systems.


Click here to download the installation file.


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