50 Unforgettable Years
A Celebration

The Secret: Find a girl who is too good for you but for some reason is willing to take you on anyway


October 4 was our wedding anniversary again. But, 2007 was different, special. It was 50 years ago, in 1957, that I forged a birth certificate, Judy saved her money to buy bus tickets (I didn't have a job) and we slipped away to Albuquerque where we were married by a Justice of the Peace. It was certainly nothing fancy but we did have a pair of rings and little else. Well, there is a long and sometimes colorful story that follows but it is for another time. This one is about that 50th anniversary.

Our children gave a small party with just a few relatives invited. The following are a few photos of the event, mostly without much identification. You can click on any of the photos to get a larger version of it.

B & J Cake B & J
Family Cailin & Rachel Butch & Rachel
Jackie & friend Jennifer & friend Family
Terri & Savana Zach Family

To further celebrate, we visited Hawaii November 1 through 8. By coincedence, November 8 was also my 67th birthday but that is irrelevant here. The other pages of this document give some of the details of that trip. Click the link below to begin the journey. All the photos on the following pages can also be clicked to get a larger, more detailed version.